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  • Timeline of Upcoming CUW Events

    Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, Concordia University Wisconsin is still hosting various events in alternative formats. Click here to view an interactive timeline of these upcoming events. Created by Tyler Schellinger.

  • Timeline of COVID-19 and CUW

    Concordia University Wisconsin has had to cancel or postpone numerous events throughout the spring semester in response to COVID-19. Click here to view an interactive timeline of these events. Created by Christian Dufresne.

  • Students Living at CUW Amid COVID-19

    Students living in the residence halls at Concordia University Wisconsin have been instructed to return home for the remainder of the semester due to COVID-19. However, some students are unable to return home due to travel restrictions. Click here to… Read More ›

  • CUW Printing 3D Masks Amid COVID-19

    Concordia University Wisconsin is utilizing its new 3D printer to produce heavy-duty N95 respirator masks for local healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. CUW, having the largest 3D printing capacity of any nonprofit in Wisconsin, teamed up with UW-Milwaukee’s Prototyping… Read More ›