Gearing up for College Radio Day

On Friday, Oct.  2, WCUW The Talon, Concordia University Wisconsin’s student-run radio station, joined college radio stations all over the world in an event called College Radio Day.

Radio stations worldwide participated in College Radio Day, 24 hours of live broadcasts on every college radio station.

According to College Radio Day’s website, College Radio Day was founded in 2010 by Dr. Rob Quicke, who developed the idea to help unite all college radio stations throughout the world on one specific day.

WCUW’s Station Manager Camren Crouse hoped this event will help the station gain and off campus followers, since with a live link you stream each show from on an internet-connected device.

“We hope we can have some great shows that people will tune in and listen to that day. The hope is that we can gain listeners and make our radio station more popular among the students,” Crouse said.

This isn’t the first time the station has been involved in the event.

According to Crouse, the station participated in the last five years and Dr. Quicke contacted them last year during the event.

“We were sitting in the studio and all the sudden we got a call and it was the guy that found the College Radio Day event. He said he appreciated us being a part of it and to keep up the great work,” Crouse said.

Because the station has participated in the event since it was created, the founder selected the station to have their own time slot on a station that broadcasts the entire event from 9-10 p.m.

According to the event’s website, WCUW will be one of the thousands of stations joining in and is one of the ten Wisconsin college stations involved in the event.

The station had many different shows, including sports talks, musical hour, and world and local news.

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