Problematic Parking

parking sign
Hectic mornings involve hitting the snooze button excessively, breakfast is nonexistent, and everyone drives five miles too slow. Pull into Concordia University Wisconsin‘s parking lots to face another problem, all lots are full.

Parking at CUW presents challenges.

According to Campus Safety, overflow parking has been a CUW issue. This overflow parking issue indicates CUW’s fast growth. More students enroll, more vehicles brought to the vicinity.

“It’s kind of a good problem,” Campus safety officer Mario Valdes said.

Two years ago overflow parking was so problematic that CUW had to receive the city of Mequon’s permission to park across the street, as a result CUW parking structure plans came to life.

Presently the parking structure creates 701 parking spots that are usually taken.

“It is a challenge and we need cooperation from everyone,” Valdes said.

In addition to full-time officers, Campus Safety recruited additional officers to assist with parking directions and safety. When lots fill, Campus Safety places signs indicating where to park.

As of early September, all resident students must park in the parking structure. Resident are seniors allowed on surface lots.

Currently parking solutions are yet to be determined by the University. Campus safety urges on-campus students to consider if having a car on campus is a necessity.

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