Sen. Ron Johnson campaigns at Concordia

Sen. Johnson at the town hall meeting in the Todd Wehr auditorium

Concordia University Wisconsin welcomed Sen. Ron Johnson to hold a town hall meeting on Sept. 3, providing students and community members the opportunity to ask questions during his run for reelection.

Republican Sen. Johnson elected in 2011, will be running again in 2016 to maintain his position in the senate. He is currently on committees for foreign relations, budget, homeland security and government affairs, commerce, science and transportation, representing the people of Wisconsin.

Ron Johnson for Senate

Sen. Johnson expressed hopefulness in regards to his run for a second term.

“Nov. 16 is going to be a close race, regardless, but I am feeling confident,” Sen. Johnson said.

Having had no intent to run for a second term, Sen. Johnson will not quit until he feels Wisconsin is in a better place.

“I didn’t spend six years in office to leave with all these problems. We are mortgaging our kids’ futures,” Sen. Johnson said.

While campaigning for reelection, Sen. Johnson has visited 72 Wisconsin counties in 40 days. CUW’s sold out town hall meeting being one of his stops along the way.

The CUW College Republicans kicked off the meeting by asking the senator questions regarding entrepreneurship, political involvement, and the highly debated campaign issue of school choice.

Sophomore public relations major Annie Karsten, asked about the effect school choice would have on education in Wisconsin.

Sen. Johnson said that it would engage schools to become more competitive and provide students with a better opportunity to receive a quality education.

Some of the senator’s objectives are to drastically reduce federal spending and overturn the Affordable Care Act. Having worked and owned a manufacturing business for 31 years as well as working as an accountant, Sen. Johnson attributes his past to what sets him apart from adversaries in the campaign.

About Sen. Ron Johnson

“So many challenges we are facing as a nation are fiscal. It’s important that people understand A) numbers and B) the private sector. Perspective of the private sector is really important,” Sen. Johnson said.

When asked what advice he would give to CUW’s students, the senator said students should try to incur as little debt as possible, find their passion, and obtain an education that will provide the tools to lead a productive life.

Sen. Johnson answers questions from the Mequon community

Photos courtesy of Brian Reisinger

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