Students Take on Senator Johnson Town Hall Meeting

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson interacts with Concordia students during a Town Hall meeting held on Concordia’s campus early September.

“It was a special experience to get to communicate with a sitting U.S. senator,” Concordia sophomore Annie Karsten said.

Members of CUW’s College Republicans, were able to take part in an on stage question and answer session with the senator, sharing their concerns and inquiries.

The students involved in College Republicans were able to gather several questions to ask Sen. Johnson on stage. The students centered their questions on important issues surrounding young adults today.

“I enjoyed hearing Sen. Johnson speak about issues that are important especially to young people, like education, jobs, and the economy,” Concordia senior Mary Karsten said.

The questions from students included advice Sen. Johnson would give to young entrepreneurs, how school choice would affect students and about inspirational and influential people in Sen. Johnson’s life.

After the student  members on stage had their moment with Sen. Johnson, questions were open to audience members, which included other Concordia students.

Sen. Johnson answered each question to the fullest. He gave each student who asked a question a complete answer along with a piece of advice he or she could carry into his or her own life.

“He answered all of our questions honestly and graciously. He has accomplished so much for our state, and you can tell that he is genuine and truly cares about voters,” Annie Karsten said.

Having a satisfying outcome and production, Concordia’s College Republicans look to expand their horizons and become more involved in the community and school. Along with becoming more involved, College Republicans will create a greater voice to be heard throughout campus and the surrounding area.

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