Town Hall Meeting with Sen. Ron Johnson

On Sept 3, Senator Ron Johnson visited Concordia University, Wisconsin for a “Town Hall” meeting. During this meeting, Johnson answered many questions students and people of the community had. However, prior to the meeting, there was  media interview.

The media interview was an intimate setting with only a few people in attendance. Of those people was Fox6 News, Kay Nolan from WisPolitics as well as a couple of reporters from CUW’s The Beacon.

FullSizeRender (3)

The topics raised during the media interview were Planned Parenthood, Iran, the possibility of a rise in minimum wage as well as his opinion of the controversial topic of Hilary Clinton.

While talking about his opinion of Clinton, his focus was more about the citizens of the United States and the rising concern of the safety of their lives.

“I am unsure as to whose hands the information is in, but I know that people’s lives and national safety is at risk,” Sen. Johnson said.

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During the town hall, students and members of the community were allowed to ask questions or voice their opinions about topics such as school choice, taxes and votes that he chose to make which matched with Feingold, his competitor in the upcoming race for Senator.

To close his meeting, Johnson said that if he had a choice to run or not, he would not but he has to because of the way certain people are running the country.

“I’ll win either way…I’ll get my life back or I will serve you as well as I can,” Sen. Johnson said.

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