Staying connected with the CU app

Events and games are always taking place on Concordia’s campus but students do not always know the necessary details including when and where, or have questions relating to campus but do not know who to ask.

Now CUW students do not have to look any further than their fingertips to find answers to their questions.Screenshot_2015-10-07-18-59-21 (2)

According to the Coordinator for Student Activities and Orientation Nicole Buttke, the new CU app that
launched this summer will make it easy for students to access what events are taking place. Events are organized sequentially and can be easily added to the mobile calendar, bringing new life to student involvement.

Students are able to interact with one another by creating posts related to events, selling textbooks, and ask questions on the Campus Feed at the ease of using their smartphones.

“Students are able to help each other out, and you really just see the community that Concordia is,” Buttke said.

Junior early childhood and special education major Brianna Neumeyer first learned of the mobile app at resident assistant training over the summer and thinks the app will have an impact on student life.

“I think it definitely has the ability to increase the sense of community. Because it is still the first year of the app being available, people are still learning about it, but it is great for communication between students,” Neumeyer said.

Screenshot_2015-10-07-18-59-09 (2)With about 2,000 registered users, students have been actively using the app’s features. According to data collected by the app team, the events tab is visited most frequently with usage at 36 percent, followed closely by the links tab with 34 percent.

Anyone with a CUW email address can register and utilize the app’s resources and features including: events, groups and clubs, campus services, courses, campus map, and links to resources such as Blackboard.

The CU mobile app is available for free download from the App store or Google Play Store.

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