Lakeside Luau Preparations

It’s Fall 2015, and another year of planning is complete by Concordia’s students to put on one of the largest student events hosted by SGA, the Lakeside Luau.

“The Luau is SGAs largest event and most popular,” lead planner Brianne Durante said.

Being such a huge event with important planning and vendor details going into the preparation for the Lakeside Luau, SGA begins months in advance to create the best experience for students.

“We started planning the Luau, which was in September in the spring semester of 2015,” Durante said.

The first step in the preparation process includes getting the event and venue decision set.

“The first thing we do is get the event approved, and get the field house reserved as a backup in case of weather and depending on that will determine our date for the event,” Durante said.

To make this event possible, SGA and other volunteers must reach out to staff in positions of authority to clear all their ideas.

“Throughout the planning process when booking different vendors, Steve Taylor who is the VP of student life does all approval and signatures,” Durante said.

After all of the time consuming work of the hand picked vendors, it’s time to prepare for the event day.

“Once everything is booked it is mostly a lot of work the day of and starting early in the morning to make sure everything runs smoothly!” Durante said.

SGA was blessed with a community of students who helped prepare. This year SGA got help from volunteer club and running club.

“We show up to the event early to help set up tables and chairs and run certain stations like cotton candy, popcorn, t-shirt table, drink station, and if you get lucky you’re able to work the inflatables,” student volunteer Tracy Marsh said.

Tracy Marsh was pleased with the outcome as she captured pictures from enthused students during the event.

“The energy is always high and the students are always having a good time! It’s one of my favorite events to be a part of,” Marsh said.

The 2015 Lakeside Luau was the best yet and each year SGA and fellow volunteers bring about more people and improvements to this event.

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