Field Hockey Fall 2016

Concordia University Wisconsin, presents students with opportunities to grow in mind, body and spirit through fellowship, clubs, activities, and sports. A woman’s field hockey team being implemented by the University in Fall 2016 is one of these opportunities.

Excited for the field hockey sport to begin next fall is student athlete Kaitlyn Wenzel.

“I myself am planning to play so I am a strong advocate for field hockey,” Wenzel said.

Current women’s lacrosse assistant coach, Samantha Landis, will coach the field hockey ladies. She is currently working on raising field hockey program awareness. She encourages those who have played field hockey and those who have not play field hockey in the past to consider joining the new team.

CUW strives for student success and growth. Encouraging students familiar or unfamiliar with the field hockey sport is a method to providing such opportunities.

The field hockey season will approximately begin fall 2016 and end late October.

According to Wenzel, the CUW field hockey team will be the only collegiate team in Wisconsin. Most Ivy league schools offer a field hockey program. Concordia takes initiative by creating a field hockey program.

According to Wenzel, field hockey is often described as a fusion of soccer and hockey containing similar positions, rules, ideals, and logistics originating in Europe.

“It’s a great sport and I encourage if someone is interested to contact Sam and get more information,” Wenzel said.

For those interested in field hockey and desire to get acquainted with the sport, future practices are currently underway being planned. Details are under figuration. Anyone interested is urged to contact the field hockey coach, Samantha Landis, by email at

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