First time CUW marathoner blazes across finish line as top finisher

Graduate student and first time marathon runner Rob Meilbeck triumphed the Lake Front Marathon on Oct. 4threpresenting Concordia and placing 16th out of the record 3,500 participants running the race.

ROBThe former captain of the CUW cross-country and track teams had been running about 70 miles per week in preparation for the 26.2-mile route from Grafton High School to Veteran’s Park in Milwaukee.

Participating in the marathon allowed Meilbeck to exercise his passion for running as well as push his personal limits.

“I find it to feel really good when I’m just completely tired and have no more energy left over, and get a really satisfied sense if I accomplish something new that I’ve never done before,” Meilbeck said.

Running the marathon was a new feat for Meilbeck, but running through CUW’s campus at the seven-mile mark was familiar to him.

“It seemed like every single curve of Concordia had people around it. It was nice to see everyone out there,” Meilbeck said.ROBS BIB (2)

Seeing supporters from the CUW community gave runners like Meilbeck a boost of energy and sense of Falcon pride to push on and cross the finish line.

Finishing just 29 minutes over the U.S. Olympic team trial requirement for the men’s marathon team, Meilbeck plans to push his limits again for a time fit for trial eligibility.

“I would love to do the Lake Front again for Concordia,” Meilbeck said.

He plans to enter other local marathons in preparation for next year’s Lake Front Marathon’s USATF certified and sanctioned course.

In addition, he plans to promote his online personal training and coaching company Startline with co-founder Adam Fell. According to Meilbeck, the program provides personalized training plans to help individuals to be active by one of the most pure and simple ways through running.

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