Player Profile: Buster Hebda

Concordia men’s hockey captain Buster Hebda is in his final year of school, which also means his final year playing on Concordia’s hockey team. This passion and leadership Hebda portrays came as a lifestyle at a young age. Hebda has been playing hockey since he was just four years old.

Hebda’s passion for the sporbustert took him to Denver, Gates Mills, Ohio, Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada and Bismarck, North Dakota. From there Concordia’s men’s hockey coach recruited Hebda to play for the falcons.

“With almost a full team of freshmen, I was awarded to be captain my freshman year,” Hebda said.

Hebda attributes much of his success in school and staying on top of responsibilities in life to hockey.

“Each year at CUW I have become more mature in both the game and life,” Hebda said.

Being a leader, and friend is something that
he does well as captain. Many of Hebda’s teammates respect and look up to him on and off the ice.

“Buster Hebda is the epitome of a leader. He is the most loyal person I have ever met in my life and I know, every time we go to battle together, he is going to have my back. Buster is the type of person you want to give your all for because you know he is going to give his all for you,” teammate Trammell Lynes said.

Hebda’s leadership qualities are recognized by his hard work and how he treats his teammates.

“He never ahebdasks his teammates to do something he would not be willing to do himself and I consider it a blessing to have been lead by him for the past three years. You will nev
er meet a
person with a bigger heart than Buster Hebda,” Lynes said.

Hebda attributes his success and experiences not just to him, but others in his life.

“As a player I have learned more every year. I have paid thanks to my teammates, coaches, and also myself as I have le
arned from my experiences,” Hebda said.

Hebda’s journey has been nothing short of incredible thus far. It may not be over yet however, even greater opportunities and possibilities are in this senior’s years ahead.

“Unless a professional opportunity works out this will be my last year of my career.”

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