Radio in the Cafeteria

WCUW the Talon 101.3 FM and student life at Concordia University Wisconsin are working together to allow the radio station to broadcast shows in the cafeteria.

Radio station manager Camren Crouse and student life director Steve Taylor began discussing details recently.

According to Crouse, when Taylor attended CUW, the radio station played music and shows into the cafeteria, and he is hoping this change will liven up the cafeteria.

Crouse is enthusiastic about adding this opportunity to the station and thinks it can be a great addition to the cafeteria, but it will also help the radio station out too.

“This is very exciting and awesome for our radio station and the cafeteria. With the cafeteria being somewhat boring without a sports game on, I believe it could be a necessary add to the cafeteria,” Crouse said. “We are hoping by doing this we can improve our listenership and make more people aware of our radio station.”

According to Crouse, he and Taylor discussed the possibility of doing live shows inside the cafeteria. This means having the equipment and show broadcast inside the cafeteria instead of in the radio station like normal.

Students working for the radio station are excited as well. Senior station marketing executive Arianna Schmidt thinks having music in the cafeteria and shows will be fun to broadcast.

“Being able to go into the cafeteria and interact with the listeners will be really fun. We don’t have people calling in to our shows so having listeners right there in front of you could really help our shows gain followers,” Schmidt said.

The next step for the station and residence life is to decide when this will begin.

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