Technology Issues at CUW

Since the first week of the school year, Concordia University Wisconsin’s students have dealt with technology, including printer, Wi-Fi and portal problems.

These issues have been becoming more and more frequent since school started. Students are growing increasingly frustrated with these issues.

Senior urban education major Chrysteena Fay, experiences these issues every day and it’s starting to impact her studies.

Fay student teaches in the morning and gets up at 5 a.m. to go teach. She then has class for three hours, so she doesn’t have the time like other students to wait for technology to work.

“With student teaching very early in the morning, I go to bed much earlier than others so when I’m working on homework I need the technology to work. I can’t wait until later for Wi-Fi and printers to work,” Fay said.

Another issue frustrating students is not being able to see how many meals and points they have left for the semester on the portal. These are currently unavailable to students since the portal was redesigned.

According to IT Assistant Database Administrator Seth Underhill, the new design and structure didn’t allow for remaining meals and points to be included in the new portal. He says IT’s plan is to wait until winterim to add this feature back on the portal.

“Because we were unaware of this problem until the semester started, we feel it would be unwise to attempt to add this feature in the middle of the semester. Once we get to winterim we will be working to add the remaining points and meals to the portal like it was before,” Underhill said.

According to Underhill, IT is aware of the Wi-Fi connection and printer problems and are working as hard as they can to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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