When friends and members of the Concordia community heard of the accident involving Falcon track-and-field athlete Mike Prue in early October, students came together to show their support.

Friends of Prue took to social media to show support by using hash tags #PrueStrong and #PrayersForPrue. #BlueForPrue and #PlaidForPrue became popular on social media as supporters shared posts and pictures wearing either blue or plaid on what became #PruesdayTuesday.

Prue quickly took notice of the efforts.

“I’ve got huge moral support from my friends, family, and even people I’ve rarely been in contact with or never had contact with. They really rallied together for my cause,” Prue said.

Close friend and roommate, Jay Haan said Prue is an all-around likeable person with a beaming personality.

“[It] seems like everyone knows Mike on campus just because he is so outgoing and friendly. He is also one of the funniest guys I’ve met,” Haan said.Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.21.10 PM

According to friend Rachel Bahr who visited Prue following the accident, he has kept up his usual jovial spirit despite the circumstance.

“Mike can make anyone laugh and still manages to do that these past couple weeks,” Bahr said.

Prue attributes his positivity to the outpouring of support he has received. Though the experience was nearly fatal, he believes that a bigger plan is at work.

“The only reason I’m here today is because of God, so he must have big plans for me,” said Prue. “It’s hard to put into perspective without the experience, but it is so important to do the things you want to do with your life before you lose the opportunity.”

ok3g2zwnvz4wqejcThe school record setter for the 600-meter run had been training for the track-and-field season until the accident. Despite serious physical setbacks, Prue’s goal is to get back on the track as soon as he can.

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