Credit Requirement Reduction

Faculty at Concordia University Wisconsin approved a proposal to decrease the credit minimum requirement to graduate from 126 to 120 credits.

According to political science professor Dr. Jeff Walz, this proposal was introduced in September with the final vote on Nov. 13.

“All full-time faculty members will cast a vote this week on the proposal. However, if passed, the change would not take effect until the 2016-2017 school year,” Dr. Walz said.

Dr. Walz also said that this proposal allows, but does not require, programs and majors to reduce the credits needed for graduation to 120.

According to senior marketing student Kenton Smith, this proposal could be beneficial for those who have to overload to reach the minimum requirement.

Smith said this proposal would help him out financially, decrease his workload next semester, if the proposal passes and put into place immediately.

“Next semester I will be taking 18 credits, but if I could be taking 12-15 instead I feel that I would do better in my classes. I also would not need to take a winterim class, which right now I would have to pay out of pocket. Since it won’t come into effect until next year, it really doesn’t help me but it would help the upperclassmen next year,” Smith said.

With the 126-credit requirement, some students would need almost 16 credits during the fall and spring semesters to graduate in four years. However, with a 120-credit requirement, some students would need 15 credits each semester, without winterim or summer classes.

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