Men’s Basketball Season 2015-2016

 Concordia University Wisconsin Men’s Basketball season started Saturday, Nov.14 with their opening game at R. John Buuck Fieldhouse against University Wisconsin River Falls at 5 p.m.
Senior Keith Kahlfeldt shared an excited, optimistic outlook on this years CUW men’s basketball season.
“Well we are looking to win our conference again this year …that’s our main goal…we have a lot of guys returning I think like seven seniors so experience is key for us this year,” said Kahlfeldt.
Kahlfeldt, Brad Prinsen, James Mitchell, Malcom Bowers, Taron Edwards, and Trevor Krizensky are the seven seniors leading the CUW men’s basketball team this season.
The strong senior presence on the team may help repeat last year’s success at winning conference.
“Nothing beats the experience of winning it all having the whole school excited for you and behind you and playing in a NCAA tournament…It was a great experience and I really hope I can have a similar experience this year,” Kahlfeldt said.
This team works diligently during off-season to prepare and aim for success.
“Season prep we had a lot of tough workouts get ourselves in shape as well as a lot of basketball workouts as well as individual workouts on our own…We all put in 100% in the off season to make sure that we could be successful,” Kahlfeldt said.
According to Kahlfedlt, this year’s CUW men’s basketball team is ranked first in conference for the first time.
With a promising season ahead the support of CUW student body encourages and motivates the team.
“We really appreciate their support and we hope to see as many students as possible at the games. It helps us play better when we get good student support so hope to see everyone at our games,” Kalhfeldt said.
Check out CUW men’s basketball schedule to stay updated for this season’s games!

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