Men’s Soccer Conference Championship

With new attributes such as players, defense, and team chemistry, this season the men’s soccer team made the dream of a conference title a reality.

“This year our defense was a huge part of our success,” Senior Robert Russ said.

The men’s team allowed only 14 goals all season and 5 in regular season conference play.

“When all of us were on the same page we seemed unbeatable, showing in our eight game win streak at the end of the season without allowing a goal, and our overall record of 15-3-1,” Russ said.

This winning record lead to the conference championship, never before done in school history. The team scored 54 goals in 19 games this season, 23 more than the previous season in 20 games. Along with the team’s strong offensive game, they showed a detrimental defensive game.

“Having a solid back line along with a tenacious goalie was key to most of our wins. We also knew how to manage games and score goals when it was needed,” Russ said.

Their offensive attacks throughout this season came from a variety of players that helped in their overall offense as a team.

“We scored a lot of outstanding goals from an array of players this season as well. These goals came from great possession and the ability to keep the ball whenever we wanted it and get it back when it was lost, which was not a common occurrence last year,” Russ said.

Just as they showed improvements on the filed, their off the field improvements were just as, if not more important. Open communication between players created a great atmosphere within the team. The respect each player showed for one another made an impact in the success of the team as well.

“We sat down and let everyone know how we wanted to play this year, which helped keeping everyone on the same page and lead to our success. There wasn’t any pressure for the guys to try and prove themselves. The upperclassmen knew the talent the younger guys had which we would eventually rely on,” Senior Diego Campos said.

It is evident the men’s soccer team did all they could to play as a unit.

“This year we really tried to focus on chemistry and creating a family,” Campos said.

Above all, the team’s cohesiveness was the main contributing factor in this year’s conference championship victory.

“Most importantly our team chemistry is what made our season. We were all very close knit on and off the field and that helped us in the way we play. Knowing how each and every one of us plays is key, their strengths and weaknesses. And it is a great thing to be apart of, especially as my last year of collegiate soccer,” Russ said.




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