The Student Design Competition

Concordia University Wisconsin Occupational Therapy students will participate in the 9th annual competition to find an ergonomic solution to improve work conditions at a local Humane Society.

“The purpose will of the job will be to identify potential ergonomic risk factors and corresponding solutions for employees/volunteers working at the Humane Society,” MOT student, Rachel Rodia said.

The students will view video footage, take part in interviews and observe how each of the various jobs are impacted and what causes lead to this discomfort.

“Creating an ergonomic workplace involves structuring the roles and demands of a job in order to fit the individual in an attempt to prevent injury,” said Rodia.

Some of the improvements Rodia mentioned were: increasing the height of workstations, adding floor mats to stand on, purchasing ergonomic pieces of equipment, and employee participation in ergonomic training.

Traditionally, the winners of this competition are engineering students, however last year a group of students from Concordia University, Wisconsin won first place. The students involved in this year’s competition are Rachel Rodia, Haley Ott, Greta Kucher, and Robert Bradford from Team Mechanical Advantage.

“[Through this competition] [t]he Humane Society of Jefferson County will be gaining a thorough analysis of potential ergonomic risks and solutions to effectively promote an ‘ergo friendly’ work environment,” said Rodia.

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