Business Major Changes at CUW

Concordia University Wisconsin is making changes in the School of Business Administration for current and future students.

CUW’s administration decided to finalize improvements in the business department and the business majors. A few years ago, CUW’s administration decided to strengthen the business degree for students by mandating changes. These changes were directed towards staff, credits and curriculum. They will affect new students, transfer students, international students and new or change of major students.

A meeting took place Monday, February 15, 2016 about the planned changes and finalizing certain proposals. During this meeting their goal was to agree on set classes and credit amounts per major. The board’s decision to pursue motions of change is different for each business major. The changes are in depth since there are so many areas to fix, but Associate Professor, Dr. Jane Bishop reassured current students and new students that CUW is headed in the right direction.

More specifically, students will have more options for their course choices.

“A good example of our plan is the Public Relations major. It is going to have several changes such as its classes and total credits. Downsizing on the credit total is the first notion. Students will be required to obtain a total of 27 credits instead of the previous 31 credits for this major.

Also, the classes offered are prompt to change. Currently Public Relations students are assigned 11 classes to take for the major, although new changes are said to have the students take six required classes and have the option of five other classes,” Dr. Bishop said.

The additional classes will give students the opportunity for a more culturally modernized curriculum.

“The five optional classes would be Non-Profit Fundraising, Media Writing, Introduction to Mass Communication, Organizational Communications, and Pro Advertising. Improvements and revisions of classes such as Social Media have also been implemented as well. We are trying to focus less on the historical aspect, and a more hands on view,” Dr. Bishop said.

The board plans to implement the changes to go into effect this fall semester. Once the board approves the plans, the board’s goal is to finalize by July. They will then release a statement to staff and students.


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