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Hello, I’m Emily Marciniak with Beacon News.

Growing student populations have stressed departments on Concordia’s campus involving academic, extra-curricular, and housing spaces. The result is a student population that is beginning to exceed CUW’s space. According to the Office of Residence Life, residence hall occupancy is at 96% this academic year.


To compensate limited housing space, residence hall Chemnitz will adjust its two-person per rooms layout to three-person rooms, totaling nine-persons per suite. CUW’s Director of Residence Life Beckie Kruse says the new layout was the original intent of architects and is more conducive to building community.


KRUSE:  Chemnitz the architects there were explaining to me that’s why they designed the building the way it’s supposed to be that they were following suit with some studies that were supposed to breed community. So if you look at the study lounges at the end of each hall, those will be used as living rooms as what they are supposed to be. So it was supposed to be building community and that was the way it was designed.


Kruse says the full transition to three-person rooms will begin Fall 2016, but several residents have already implemented the three-person layout. According to current Chemnitz Resident Assistant Hayden Lukas, several residents have willingly transitioned to the three-person rooms.


LUKAS: My residents they actually do this thing where you know you have rooms A, B, and C, they’ll make room B a common area. They don’t put any beds, they have all their own furniture and get rid of their dressers and stuff, they put that in rooms C and A and then they just sleep there and they actually live three people in a room and it’s actually really spacious. They don’t actually even bunk their beds and they have lots of space.


Lukas says he has not had any complaints about the rooms already living with a three person setting. His residents have found enough space in the suite which includes three sinks, two toilet areas, one shower, and a full size refrigerator and microwave. Sophomore psychology major Amanda Campbell agrees. Campbell is a current resident to a three person Chemnitz room. She and her roommates opted to participate in the “Discount Double Book” incentive CUW offered at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year to implement the three person living situation.


CAMPBELL: It’s fun, it’s exciting. It’s not boring and you won’t be lonely. I come from a big family, so I’m just kind of the same thing I guess. If we get sick of each other we just go to the lounge, or the library, or like we barely spend a lot of time in the room—so it doesn’t feel like that. But, if you do spend a lot of time there it does feel kind of cramped.


Though Campbell admits her situation may include minor frustrations, she says the irritations are part of the experience of living with roommates. She and Lukas say incoming residents should be positive, communicative with roommates, and prepared when planning for housing to maximize space.


LUKAS: Yeah, I think it will be pretty smooth. The only problem I foresee, they’re pretty peripheral problems. Shower racks, they might have to install more towel racks in the shower room, because there are only six in there right now. And then the drawers, they will have to make a fight for the drawers. There are only three drawers and one is smaller than the other two in the sink area. They’ll have to like make a fight for the drawer space kind of. Otherwise, having three people per room, I could see it happening.

Campbell says to communicate with roommates before returning to school next fall to plan.

CAMPBELL: For us what we did before we moved in to Chemnitz, we measured everything. Like we measured the bed, the desk, everything. So we could figure out the best solution for placement of the beds, or wardrobes. So that really helped. I would definitely say lofting is the best solution and if you have the three-person room, since we’ll be doing that, it will be like bunking and one lofted, I feel like that will be the best option for you to have a lot of space. That would be the best way to have a lot of space. Definitely discuss, communication is key.

Lukas says residents should keep an open, creative mind when organizing room to develop innovative ways to add space.


LUKAS: I would say definitely either bunk your beds or loft your beds. You know, one of my favorite setups that you can have with the way our furniture works is this you loft your bed and you have all the space in the and just be nice, be courteous to your roommates and you won’t have any space problems.


For more information on Chemnitz hall and residence life, check out the CUW website, and go to ‘Res Life’ to find details on all the Residence halls, including Chemnitz.


For all of your CUW news, check Beacon website. I’m student reporter Emily Marciniak for the CUW Beacon, Concordia’s Student News source. Thank you.

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