Landgraf’s Career Milestone

Concordia University Wisconsin Senior Maddie Landgraf reached the 1000 point scoring mark on February 20 against Concordia University Chicago.

The 1000 point club is one of the most prestigious individual awards that a basketball player can earn and takes hours of hard work, dedication, and a lot of skill.

Landgraf is captain of the women’s team and even though Maddie is in the ranks of the best scorers in CUW history it came as a bit of a surprise for her.

“To be honest, I never thought I would be a 1000 point scorer especially after only scoring seven points my freshman year,” Landgraf said.

Landgraf did not play a lot her freshman year due to the senior-heavy roster.

“I was not used to sitting on the bench so freshman year was obviously a wakeup call to me. I worked extremely hard in the off season because I did not want to have a repeat of freshman year,” Landgraf said.

In this case hard work really did pay off and Maddie increased her playing time from around 40 minutes with seven points her freshman year, to playing roughly 700 minutes and scoring nearly 300 points. The hard work continued as she really became a leader for the team as she once again improved and scored 400 points along with around 850 minutes of play time.

Maddie’s impressive play is not the only reason the women’s program has had so much success in the past couple of years. Her teammates look to her to set an example with her leadership as well.

Senior teammate Megan Coenen said, “She (Landgraf) has had such a determined attitude and hard work ethic that is vital to becoming the player she is today and also key to leading our team,” Coenen said.

Landgraf considers the 1000 point club to be her greatest basketball achievement so far, but she would call it a close tie if her team was to win conference her senior year and make it to the NCAA National Tournament as well.

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