Students Health at CUW

CUW’s students are always on the go, and juggling between classes, homework, jobs and social life make maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult.

Many students struggle toward an optimal state of well-being. According to MSN, RN, Renee Gosselin, maintaining a healthy lifestyle for college student’s focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, physically, can make a difference in their performance.

Every college student should remember three key factors when trying to live a physically healthy life, hydration, food choices and exercise.

“Hydrating is vital for students. Often students come in with sore throats and headaches. This is frequently caused because students are dehydrated. We see students drinking too much caffeine, coffee, and energy drinks. We recommend that they drink half of their body weight in ounces per day of water,” Gosselin said.

A healthy diet is also essential for students, which can be difficult while living on campus.


“Food choice and portions are the two biggest issues we see on campus. Limiting greasy and fatty foods to a minimum helps. Also, it is important to think about how much of each food group we are eating. Half of the student’s plate should be fruits and vegetables, and choosing leaner meats are more beneficial,” Gosselin said.

Exercise affects the body in countless ways, both directly and indirectly. As one’s lifestyle improves, so does ones health.

“We experience less health issues when we are diligent about exercising. CUW’s gym is open for all students to use and we encourage they use it. Physical activity includes using the gym, taking the stairs, walking down the bluff and taking the long way to class,” Gosselin said.

Current student Mary Karsten knows maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle while in college is difficult.

“Keeping physical wellness as a priority in college is pretty difficult for me. With a jam-packed schedule between work and academics, taking time to eat right and exercise is a challenge. I try to run three times a week, eat healthy foods, and try to get seven hours of sleep,” Karsten said.

When students focus on staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet and exercise, they can maintain a positive lifestyle physically.

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