A Family of Resident Directors

The Residence Life staff at Concordia University of Wisconsin share their inside stories about the job and how their position requires a special bond between the co-workers with the encouragement from the resident director which made the positions even more enjoyable.

Concordia students know what a resident director is but some do not know what their job includes. As a resident director at the University, the individual must live on campus to be easily accessible to those students living on campus.

Resident Director of Wartburg and Regents Julie Adkins said living on campus is a change but the resident directors trust each other and have formed a bond that has created a special family dynamic.

“With our Residence Life Department, there are five Resident Directors and it is incredible to see what can be accomplished when there is that trust and reliability there with in the staff,” Adkins said.

Adkins said that each resident director has special assignments but their collaboration is what brings them together along with the guidance from Director of Residence Life Rebecca Kruse.

“Beckie has done an incredible job empowering her staff this year.  She is always asking us what areas do we want to grow in as a person and together as a group,” Adkins said.

Kruse said what her job includes serving residents and their directors.

“As Director of Residence Life, it is my responsibility to make sure our resident students are served by well-trained staff who help provide a quality, caring residential community for students which supports their academic goals and personal development,” Kruse said.

Adkins said Kruse does more than her job calls for in order to bring the resident directors together as a family unit. Kruse said trust and bonding with each other is very important.

“Resident directors live where they work and live as neighbors with their colleagues.  This creates an interesting opportunity.  When you live where you work, you learn to be “real” with each other right away,” Kruse said.

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