Administration Writes New Rules for Drones and Hover Boards

The administration at Concordia University Wisconsin recently made new rules, with two devices in mind: drones and hover boards.

The reason for writing them is more regulatory than restrictive.

The rules are “not meant to be suffocating, just meant to reinforce responsible usage,” Vice President of Student Life Steve Taylor said. “Right now the expectation is that there’s a form. You have to let campus safety know.”

Taylor said he is a fan of drones himself.

“They’re awesome. Drones. Are. Awesome,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor, despite the exciting new opportunities these technologies offer, the administration has concerns, particularly in the areas of student privacy and public safety.

Students had privacy concerns as well.

“Privacy within Dorms. I would say privacy is my main concern,” Concordia Society of Law Treasurer Nick Simich said, about drones on campus. “I mean people are flying them. And who knows if they know how to fly them,” Simich said.

Taylor said a main concern with hover boards was the devices catching fire when being charged.

Additionally, “how our campus is set up, it’s just kind of dangerous,” he said.

Concordia is one of many schools to have made new rules for these devices this academic year.

There are, “a flood of schools addressing this issue,” according to Taylor.

The new affordability of drones–particularly on websites like–has made them a more viable option for consumers, particularly those with smaller expendable incomes, such as college students. This has been an underlying factor to their sudden appearance on university campuses.

Taylor said the drone policy is an evolving process.

Taylor said recently, a student had brought a drone on campus and had caught campus safety’s attention while flying it. Though the student was not behaving in a malicious way, it brought the need for rules and regulations forward.

Despite these new rules, Taylor was enthusiastically supportive of a potential drone club–so long as they cooperated with campus safety and followed university regulations.

“Wouldn’t it be cool of their was like a drone club? Sounds great to me!” Taylor said.


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