Concordia University Advisors

Concordia University Wisconsin provide services for all students, including academic advising, but some students have had issues with this process.

Director of Academic Advising Sara Depies said the university helps advisors and students to form a relationship.

“Each student is assigned a special advisor which considers several factors – major, minor, concentration, etc. We encourage each student is should meet with their advisor at least once a semester. If students feel their questions are not being adequately answered, they are always welcome to visit our office,” Depies said.

According to Depies, the academic catalog provides a resource for students seeking information about classes.

“The academic catalog has a clear listing of all requirements for each academic program. It’s also one of the Advising Office’s student learning outcomes – to help students learn to advocate for themselves and navigate the auditing of their degree. Again, if a student is feeling lost, we always welcome them to meet with our office,” Depies said.

According to Depies, some faculty aren’t well-versed in the advising process.

“Professors didn’t know how to make the right choices for them in some cases,” Depies said.

CUW is attempting to alleviate advising issues to make sure the university serves the students well in this role.

“The recent growth of our office, is a small step in the direction towards best serving our student needs. Similarly, the use of advising software, like the future use of Degree Works will afford students a more complete and direct list of credits and courses necessary for their specific degree. The addition and revamp of student success ministries like Student Success Advisory and PROSPER have shown a great level of success for those students who choose to engage,” Depies said.

Overall, Depies said the Advising Office recognizes changes to students’ needs and are committed to serving them.

“We are here to help however may be necessary. The needs and questions of our 2,500+ traditional undergraduate students are growing, and we are constantly looking for ways to increase our effectiveness.” Depies said.

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