University Food Quality

Because a university recruits students to attend their school, providing a welcoming atmosphere is important.

The students are looking for the best for themselves, so professors, housing, and food matter.

There is no room for argument about the quality of the study at Concordia University Wisconsin, but some students’ opinions about the food quality differ because they serve only American food.

“I do like the food and my favorite place is the landing, I really like the soup and the salad it’s phenomenal, the nest is okay but it is not my kind,” Alyssa Ellis said.

On the other hand, Indian students’ opinions differ from Ellis.

“Sometimes the food is okay but in general I am not satisfied with it, because being an international people it is very difficult to us to find something to eat,” Shashi Kiran said.

Some Chinese students, including Huang, attempt to cook their own food occasionally.

In addition, other international students said they would like food similar to their culture and taste.

According to Executive Chef Clifton Hoffman, not many students complain about the menu, but he would be willing to consider other options.

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