The Republicans of Concordia

The Republicans of Concordia University-Wisconsin work to provide a venue for students to develop their knowledge and interest in conservative ideas and policies.

Student and Vice President of Student Engagement Mary Karsten has been a member of the organization since the 2015 spring semester. In her role, Karsten is responsible for finding ways to congregate students and serve as a motivator to get them engaged in dialogue about current political issues.

“We bring an opportunity for students to get involved in the political process and inspire them to grow their excitement for conservatism and step forward into their post-college years equipped to be an active, informed citizen,” Karsten said.

Although the Republicans of Concordia primarily serve Republican students, the group welcomes students of all political parties to be a part of their community.

“Bottom line: we believe in freedom of speech,” Karsten said.

The Republicans of Concordia host debate parties, providing food and share thoughts and opinions of the candidates. In November 2015, a group of students were given the opportunity to attend the GOP debate in Milwaukee.

In addition to the various campus activities, they make an effort to interact with the local community.

“We work with the Republican Party of Ozaukee County on various events and initiatives. Currently, we are doing some work with a local election, and we watch for political events that are occurring in our area and invite our members to be a part of them,” Karsten said.

Throughout 2016, the Republicans of Concordia will be focused on the state and national elections and continue to inspire students through events, educational opportunities, partnerships, and more.

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