CUW Saudi Club

Student clubs like Saudi club is an important organization for students, especially Saudi international students who want to be part of a group in the university community.

CUW has more than 50 student clubs. Saudi club is one of them, but it does not show on the university website.

“Saudi club has existed at CUW since 2010,” Salman Al-Essa said.

Al-Essa is the  Saudi club president but was initially unsure if he was the right fit.

“I did not know how to be president for this club, and whether students were going to vote for me,” Salman said.

The club recognizes and organizes days of celebration.

“What most of the students know about Saudi club is the celebrations days, as Eid Al- Adha, and Eid Al-Fiter, which all of the Saudi clubs celebrate it at the same day, the National day as well,” Al-Essa said.

The CUW Saudi club resembles similar clubs at other universities.

“Saudi clubs all around United States have almost same role, strategy, and vision,” Al-Essa said.

The club offers students get help, and they, in turn help the club grow.

“Saudi clubs help all Saudi students with a lot of things, such as contact with them on social media and give them the information that they need,” Al-Essa said.

The club also helps international students with orienting themselves to new surroundings when when attend the university.

“Saudi Club members do things more than education help. We pick up the students and their family from the airport, find places for them to live, show them the city and the area so they can to adapt with this new life and community,” Al-Essa said.



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