CUW School of Pharmacy

Concordia University Wisconsin’s School of Pharmacy “is committed to the development of pharmacists who are servant leaders, dedicated to providing value-based, patient-centered care that improves the health of our communities in rural and urban areas through excellence in teaching, research, service and practice” (

The schedule of pharmacy school is different when compared to a traditional undergrad/graduate program at CUW.

“The school incorporates clinical field experiences with typical lecture classes utilized during undergraduate school,” said first year pharmacy student, Jessica Eggebrecht. “Each semester we have two weeks of strict clinical work and also class lectures are significantly longer because the classes only meet once a week.”

Similar to the different class format, so is how a person goes about being accepted into the program. According to Eggebrecht, the student must complete the pre-requisite coursework, which can take two, three, or four years.

After graduated, a student must go an online application, and a test, called the PCAT. After the student passes the test, then they must schedule an interview to be accepted into the pharmacy program.

Although Eggebrecht is a first-year student she said she sees extreme growth of the pharmacy school in the future because of how the class sizes have been growing.

“The pharmacy school at CUW is relatively young, class sizes are growing because more students are able to hear about the program,” said Eggebrecht, “The faculty and staff have also been able to utilize more guest speakers and professionals to teach.”

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