Meal Account Balance Access

Residence Life and the IT department at Concordia University of Wisconsin worked together recently to find a solution so students could access their meal account balance on the university’s portal.

Over the summer, the university’s student portal was updated by the IT department. The update changed the site and no longer included access to the meal balance.

Residence Life Office Worker Sue Knaus said the students were very cooperative with Residence life.

“While I wouldn’t say students complained about not having access, I do think it is a convenient service for students to have,” Knaus said.

Knaus said that students use the portal for many reasons and were accustomed to having access to their meal balance.

“This allows them to track how they are spending their meal swipes and points, which is an important part of managing their own resources,” Knaus said.

During the time that the portal did not allow access, Residence Life accommodated the students’ needs.

“Students could always check with us to find out balances, but we are thrilled to offer this much more efficient service as one more way to best serve Concordia resident students,” Knaus said.

On March 22, the Residence Life Office emailed the students to inform them that they could access their balance on the portal.

Sophomore Student, Katherine Vazquez was happy about the change.

“Having access to how many meal swipes and points we have left on the portal is much more convenient for us. I was glad that they were able to fix the issue so we can be able to keep track in an easier fashion,” Vazquez said.

Residence Life said in the email that the IT department helped solve the issue and is also working on adding the meal account balance to the school app.

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