Power Cut Off to Dorms

The administration at Concordia University Wisconsin cut power to dorms on Good Friday, March 25. The power cut-off was announced via email.

“Essentially, we have a very large campus. As we grow and need to repair and replace things, we have to do a campus wide outage. And the times when we can do that are fairly limited,” Vice President of Student Life Steve Taylor said.

Taylor emphasized the challenges of scheduling a campus-wide power outage.

“You have to coordinate between our staff, electricians, third parties, and WE energies,” Taylor said, of the logistical difficulties of these scheduled power outages.

Some students felt that there was not adequate forewarning. Many students learned about the outage hours before, and by word of mouth.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know about it until I texted one of my roommates and he told me it would be out in the morning,” CUW student Aaron Lemke said.

Showering, charging electronics, and getting dressed were difficult or impossible because of the outage. “I had to do basically everything in the dark,” Lemke said.

In addition, Lemke decided not to try to shower in the dark however; he was concerned that it would be too great of a slipping hazard.

Taylor acknowledged that the power outage inconvenienced many students, but said that Good Friday was chosen by the administration because CUW was closed that day, and the number of on-campus students was very low.

“I would say, if you have to be on campus, try to find something you want to do that doesn’t require electricity,” Taylor said. “As some would say, that’s a great day to read a book.”

Lemke said some of his football teammates from Arizona wondered why the power outage hadn’t been scheduled to take place over spring break instead.

He also said more advance notification and setting up alternative activities could make power outages easier for these students.


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