Study Abroad in South Africa

Concordia University of Wisconsin chose South Africa for their Spring 2017 semester study abroad destination. CUW alternates between Europe and Non-Traditional countries each year, and this year they have decided on South Africa.

Studying abroad in South Africa may be one of the most valuable experiences for CUW college students. By studying abroad in South Africa, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign country and are able to immerse themselves into a new culture and way of life. Students will experience a brand-new country (a new continent none the less) with incredible new outlooks, customs and ways of life.

According to CUW’s Coordinator of Study Abroad, Christopher Reeder, the benefits of studying abroad are limitless. Students will be studying at a new school, meeting new people and exploring the country (museums, landmarks and popular areas) of the host nation. There will be Cultural events will be a weekly program that include vineyard tours, rugby matches, visits to Robben Island, the Cape of Good Hope, and concerts.

Choosing a University that fits CUW’s mission and provides objective material for courses is important.

“Students will study at one of South Africa’s finest Universities, Stellenbosch University. Students can take two to three CUW faculty courses and two to three of the new Universities courses. Concordia University of Chicago and Portland will be sending two of their finest professors for this occasion so students can interact with other professors nationwide. There’s a great variety of classes for students to choose from while studying abroad in South Africa. Some course choices are: religion, language, social science, political science, and art,” Reeder said.

Cost is a factor as a college student, but surprisingly, the tuition for this trip is rather low. Studying Abroad in South Africa will cost students $13,750. Now that still might seem like a lot of money, but this includes, tuition, housing, and excursions. CUW offers a Study Abroad Grant for the semester program available that students may apply for.

CUW encourages students to study abroad in South Africa and take hold of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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