Summer Internship at Gateway Plastics Inc.

Local employers know the importance of internship experience for college students. Gateway Plastics Inc., is searching for a Humans Resource Intern for this summer.

Today, employers favor potential employees who have completed an internship. An internship looks good on a resume and employers are now more than ever expecting to see an internship on a student’s resume. An internship allows students to use the tools they have gained from college and use them in the workplace.

CUW offers numerous internship opportunities for students, according to Events and Employer Relations Krista Oldenburg.

“CUW allows companies to recruit because students to engage with possible career opportunities. Searching for a job while in college can be difficult, but CUW make’s sure to give students easier access to potential internships,” Oldenburg said.

Students who participate in internships will form a strong network of professional contacts. Making new connections can help to ensure stability and future career opportunities.

“It all comes down to who you know. Make it a point to meet as many people as possible. Learning about someone as a person can be as valuable as learning about what his or her job entails,” Oldenburg said.

Human Resources Assistant Jenny Fruede from Gateway Plastics Inc., hired two students for the spring 2016 semester. The two interns we hired on from CUW have been a great asset to the company.

“We describe the workplace atmosphere as one that inspires, challenges, and empowers all employees to give their best at work, at home and in the communities where they live. Students will experience a positive environment unlike any other, and a sense of purpose that’s unique to an organization that truly plans for the long-term, ” Fruede said.



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