The Growing Population of International Students

The population of international students at Concordia University Wisconsin has grown steadily during the 2016 school year due to affordable tuition and good programs.

Coordinator for Asia/Pacific Student Programs, Kelly Kunesh-Barnett has been working for CUW for eight years. She started in the school of nursing and transferred to the international center a little over a year ago.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Barnett said.

Barnett transitioned roles to the specific role of the Asia Pacific student program coordinator because of its rapid growth.

Currently, CUW has about 380 international students from 22 different countries—with the majority being from India. A flag represents each country in the Katherine atrium.

Whether the students can study in America or not depends on multiple factors—the economy being one of them.

“Directly enrolled numbers [of international students] tend to fluctuate with global economy trends,” Barnett said.

Dimitri Patarroyo Rojas, an international student from Bogota, Colombia, was fortunate to find out about CUW from recruiters that were at a local event in his city.

“[CUW] had good programs to choose from and I wanted to study abroad. It was more affordable than Colombia and other states,” Rojas said.

The international center is expanding their local partnerships and as well as their department in regards to the recruitment of students from around the world.

“Our international student population has steadily grown and we expect it to continue to do so,” Barnett said.

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