CUW campus transportation

Concordia University Wisconsin’s campus is located in a Mequon. This is an issue for most of the students who are live in Milwaukee and have no options with the transportation, because it is hard to find it.

“CUW has everything that any student need for studying or living except for the transportation,” Hassan Alshikh said.

This is an everyday problem for those students who live out said the campus.

“I have a car, so I just drive everywhere. There are taxis in the area and a nearby bus stop that goes to Milwaukee,” Hassan said.

There is some students who have cars, but some of them don’t, so they have to take the bus which is between one to two hours to the university, so this  wastes of time.

“Transportation is okay. I do not see the city buses very often but that is because I am not looking for them. I believe the buses only drive down towards Milwaukee though. They might drive to other nearby cities but I’m not sure. It is nice to have a car if you want to go get fast food, or visit someone’s house, or to go grocery shopping,” Hassan said.

Hassan said CUW does offer student transportation options.

“At the University, everything on campus is within walking distance. Getting off campus is possible by cars or riding with friends who have cars. There is a campus shuttle for off-campus activities,” Hassan said.

Some student has solved this issue by taking online classes, but this not solves the biggest problem.

CUW gave what the school could offer to the students, but they need more support from the state to help the students who came here to study at this beautiful campus, and those who cannot attend with other students who did not have the chance to study at the campus because of the transportation issue.

Finding more options and solutions for the students would come if the responsible of the transportation has heard to the student’s idea. Who would give solutions for the problem better than who suffer.

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