“Dancing Thru the Decades” Ticket Issue

Students at Concordia University Wisconsin purchased all of the tickets available for the Student Government’s Association event “Dancing thru the Decades”, resulting in some disappointed students.

The first batch of tickets sold out in just a few hours after sales opened up outside of the university’s cafeteria. Many students expressed their feelings about the issue.

“Dancing thru the Decades” is a major event held off campus for the students every spring. This spring the event was more popular than in previous years.

Sophomore Student Katherine Vazquez was one of the students who did not receive a ticket.

“I was shocked that they ran out so fast. Dancing thru the Decades is an event that I look forward to and I was upset that I was not able to get tickets because I was in class during the time that they started selling them,” Vazquez said.

Students expressed their opinions through Yik Yak, CUW Confessions, and Falcon Chat. Students involved in the event planning responded with an extra set of tickets available.

“Thanks to the hard work of the SGA Social Programming committee, we will have roughly 100 more tickets for Dancing Thru the Decades! They will be on sale tomorrow outside the caf from 11-1 to while tickets last. Thanks for all the interest, SGA loves planning these events,” SGA member posted on Falcon Chat.

In the first hour, the second set of tickets sold out. SGA Social Programming Committee Chairwoman Megan Pick said that there was a reason for the tickets selling so fast.

“The amount of tickets that were sold was determined by the capacity that the venue could hold,” Pick said.

Pick said that this was not the first year that the event has sold out, but it is the fastest.

“The past two years the tickets have sold out. The first year they sold out at the door of the event, the second year they sold out the day before the event, and this year they sold out a week before the event,” Pick said.

SGA is thrilled to see the interest in the event increase each year. Pick said, “Our plan moving forward for future years is to look at venues that can hold more people, as the event continues to grow.”

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