International students sometimes struggle with Social Security numbers

Many international students want to work in order to pay for college. Therefore, in order to work in the U.S., every student of category F visa is eligible to have a Social Security number.

Social Security numbers are assigned to people who have the right to work in the U.S. These numbers were implemented to provide the government with information about wages, control paid taxes, and identify Social Security eligibility.

When international students come to the U.S., some have issues with the process.

“Unfortunately, I changed my major because of the SSN. I had to take a few courses out of the campus and these courses were required for the major. They needed a SSN so I couldn’t take the courses. Now I am with a new major, ” Annsar said.

The first Social Security Administration’s request is to provide evidence that a student is eligible to work. This requirement includes being a full-time student and having a formal offer from the campus employment department or being authorized to work by Academic Training, Optional Practical Training, or Curricular Practical Training.

A Social Security number is not required for purposes not related to work such as obtaining a driving license, insurance, and admission to an academic institution.

“CUW could help you with job here on campus, but as an international student you can work out of the campus due to your visa conditions, ” Alresheedi said.

The Social Security Administration must verify the student’s immigration documents before issuing the Social Security number. These documents must include a student’s name, a recent photo, and identifying information. New students are not eligible to apply for a number until 10 business days after entering the U.S.

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