New Beginnings at CUW

Two weeks ago, Concordia brimmed with activity as hundreds of freshman and transfer students moved onto campus to take part in the New Student Orientation.

Orientation is always an important factor in acclimating new students to campus resources and preparing them for the first week of classes. Although the orientation process changes from year to year, the goal remains the same: to make every student feel comfortable and at home on campus.

According to the Coordinator of Student Activities and Orientation Devan Lenz, about 500 students participated this year. This includes about 400 students at each activity throughout orientation weekend.

“We need to integrate students socially and academically. Our goal is to connect them with people on campus. We want to connect them with upperclassmen and to their fellow underclassmen as well as faculty,” Lenz said.

Lenz also said that orientation is structured to connect new students to campus resources such as Campus Safety, the Counseling Center, the Learning Resource Center and many more.

This year, orientation added new features to further connect students to the Concordia community. One feature consisted of putting new students into small groups led by a member of the orientation team. The leaders of these groups helped new students find their around campus and other tasks like teaching them how to do laundry.

“These small groups created such a strong sense of community. Not only did it increase our attendance at a lot of our events but it also made the new students feel like they were a part of a team,” Lenz said.

Orientation activities include informational gatherings and fun activities like Skit Night where students can learn more about the residence halls and staffs on campus.

New students will continue getting integrated to Concordia throughout the Fall Semester with periodical check ins with their orientation leaders and the upcoming “Falcon Frenzy.”

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