Introducing the Faith Associate

With a new school year starting at CUW, so to has a new position. The Faith Associate is a student-held position within the residence hall of Wittenberg that provides spiritual resources for new students.

“The Faith Associate is a bridge between Campus Ministry and Residence Life”, said Campus Ministry Faculty advisor, Nichole Haas.

Faith Associates in Wittenberg enable new students with a fellow student who they can seek out when they need help with getting acclimated with college or someone to talk to.

In addition, Faith Associates will have monthly critical conversations where they will answer difficult questions students might have for them.

“Faith Associates work closely with RAs. Their main focus is creating and supporting a Christian atmosphere among the hall”, Haas said.

The Faith Associate position is because of combined efforts of both Campus Ministry and Residence Life. During the Fall semester of 2016, a survey asked students  about spiritual life on campus. The surveys showed that most students on campus go to their peers when they have questions regarding faith. This resulted in the Faith Associate position.

The position  is a pilot program on campus and only available in Wittenberg. Placing the first Faith Associates in Wittenberg allows the university to evaluate in an environment that is majority composed of freshman.  Depending on the degree of success, Faith Associates could expand to other campus residence halls, which would allow more students to utilize the resources.

Haas also oversees the hiring process of the Faith Associates and anyone interested in becoming a faith associate can get more information by contacting the CMLT office or stopping by in upper Albrecht in the CMLT office.

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