Revitalizing Residence Life

CUW’s Residence Life has strived to make on campus living a great experience for students, and this year they have taken their goal to another level.

Residence Life has implemented new protocols that they feel will make students across campus more comfortable. These improvements include, better roommate agreements, safety checks, and making staff more relational, rather than administrative.

One of the biggest improvements are the updated roommate agreements.

“This year we wanted to make sure that our residents took the roommate agreement more seriously, and treated it like a contract. We added things such as scheduled hang out times, quiet hour times, and roommate expectations, that we feel will help the roommates become acclimated with each other faster, and possibly become friends,” said Resident Director Manda Kelly.

The next protocol is actually new to Residence Life as a whole. This new protocol is called safety checks.  The idea of safety checks, allows RAs to get into their residents’ rooms to check for any maintenance concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Safety checks also allow RAs to talk with their residents and build relationships.

“The main goal of safety checks is, for the RAs to address maintenance concerns and to build relationships with their residents by getting a chance to talk to them. We feel that it is important for students to build relationships with each other, and safety checks allow for the RA and their residents to connect,” said Kelly.

The last change Residence Life made to improve student life is with their staff.

“Often times in the past, we feel that the students think we are here to police them or manage them, and that is not the case. This year we have trained our RAs to be more relational and friendly with their residents, rather than administrative. We have instructed our RAs to build relationships with their residents, and to leave policing to Campus Safety or the Conduct Board,” said Kelly.

CUW Residence Life feels these improvements will make student life better as whole, but they also recognize that they still have room to improve.

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