Indoor Baseball Facility Construction

      Construction of an indoor baseball facility is underway at Concordia University of Wisconsin.  If the weather allows for construction to stay on track, the building will be ready to use in early November, in time for the colder winter months.

      The facility will be 6,000 square feet and include 3-4 batting cages, turf, heaters, and a Driveline wall for pitchers. Head baseball coach Edmund Morgan said that the facility will hopefully add more equipment, such as high-speed cameras.

      CUW’s goal is to be one of the better baseball programs in the country in player development. The addition of this facility will aid that goal.

      “It’s going to help a lot of people. It’s going to allow an opportunity for softball and baseball players especially, to be able to get in there and get their individual work done, which will hopefully relate to success on the field,” Morgan said.

      The facility will help many CUW athletic teams by providing a place for conditioning, practicing, and possible athletic training classrooms.

      The facility will decrease space taken up in the field house, with teams no longer fighting to find separate times to practice in winter months.

      “A number of teams will be able to practice here when the weather isn’t the greatest,” Morgan said.

      Coach Morgan also said the facility will help recruit higher quality athletes.

      “It’s an opportunity to show players that our player development is supported by the institution,” Morgan said.

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