Safety at its Finest

For Concordia students, seeing Campus Safety officers walking through the halls with guns on their belts can be intimidating.

However, the officers employed by the university go through extensive training to make campus as safe as it can be.

According to the security firm ADT, Concordia University Wisconsin has the safest campus in the state and the second safest in all the United States.

Director of Campus Safety Mario Valdes said the success of the department is due to the experience of the Campus Safety officers. The majority are former police officers from Ozaukee and Milwaukee County and they bring their professionalism to Concordia’s campus. The officers are friendly and approachable.

“We like to show them that we are concerned, we are friendly and no different then any other person, just have a different job to do.  A good reason why we are number one in Wisconsin is because we interact with the students, we talk to our students and convince them that they should contact Campus Safety when they see things that do not look right or suspicious. We like to mingle with the students and the staff and it works,” Valdes said.

Valdes also said interactions with Campus Safety officers can help prepare our students for the real world and interactions with other professionals.

Campus Safety officers do more than just patrol the halls. They present in classrooms, field questions from students and parents, deal with off-campus visitors and parking, help with special events and assist with problems students might have.

According to Valdes, although Campus Safety is equipped to deal with most situations that arise on campus, there are instances when they need to involve the police. Campus Safety officers have strong relationships with local law enforcement and work  with them to ensure the safety of everyone affiliated with Concordia University

Campus Safety have officers on duty 24/7 and will continue working to keep the Concordia community the safest in the state during the year.

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