The New ACHA Hockey Program

This year at CUW, the ACHA hockey program has been introduced by our Athletic Department, and it has a lot of hockey players excited.

CUW is changing from Junior Varsity Division 3 over ACHA Division 2, and it has senior hockey player Benny Serres pumped up for this upcoming season.

“I love the new ACHA hockey program. We finally get treated like collegiate athletes. We have more games this year than the last two years combined. The uniforms are better, and we have a nice new locker room,” Serres said.

Part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s mission is to ensure that every ACHA team is provided with quality resources.

The ACHA Hockey website states that are working towards making sure each hockey team is provided with quality game gear, and up to date amenities. (

Serres is also excited about the opportunity to play new teams and being able to play in more road games. Serres displayed his joy over the new level of competition with the team now participating in Division 2 hockey.

“I’m happy for the roadies we get to go on this year. My first few years playing Junior Varsity, we played a couple road games, and they were fun. But this year we have more than ever and it’s exciting to be a part of this and be able to travel to other schools to play hockey. Also with us now being Division 2, the competition is going to be better and we welcome that challenge and we are ready to go out on the ice and prove what we are made of,” Serres said.

All in all, the new ACHA hockey program has had good publicity and is being received well from hockey players, and other students around campus.

The new program provides the hockey team with the opportunity to play in more games overall, and to compete at a higher level.















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