Introducing: Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson is the Director of Christian Service and an Associate Professor of Communication. He has been with CUW since 1991 and has had of different positions, Chair of the Communications department and was also elected as the President of Faculty.

As Associate Professor of Communication, Dr. Ferguson teaches interpersonal communication, group dynamics, servant leadership, public speaking, and conflict management.

“Living my faith – displaying the love of Jesus in words and actions” said Dr. Ferguson about serving others as a Christian.

The Director of Christian service was a new position when Dr. Ferguson assumed that role. This position deals with volunteering and campus service activities.

Dr. Ferguson also works with non-profit organizations and connects students with those organizations. If students groups are looking for service projects, Dr. Ferguson is able to help them find one.

Working with faculty, Dr. Ferguson is improving service learning in CUW. A Christian Service Learning & Leadership minor is currently being worked on.

He educates the CUW community about why service is important, tracks service hours during the week, and posts volunteer opportunities online.

The benefits coming from student service include increased awareness of social issues, discovering new opportunities for vocations and non-profit careers, and growth in one’s faith with a better understanding of what it means to serve, said Dr. Ferguson.

Last year 11,000 service hours were reported. Dr. Randall Ferguson can help get students and faculty involved in service in the CMLT Office.

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