Dave Coulier Event a Major Success at CUW

Over 550 CUW students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a blast from TV past Oct. 3, when comedian and actor Dave Coulier visited campus.

The beat the expectations held by the organizers of the event, CUW’s Campus Activities Board (CAB). The crowd packed the Todd Wehr Auditorium on the CUW campus, and laughs could be heard pouring out of the room. In addition to a hilarious comedy routine, Coulier held a Q&A session including funny questions, and questions about his career.

“When we got in contact with Dave’s agent over the summer, we were nervous and hesitant, but so excited for this new opportunity to bring such a big name on campus.

Seeing the excitement since the beginning of the school year was huge for us. To have people waiting outside four hours before the event even started proved itself how successful the event was. It was such a fun night to see over 550 people – both faculty and staff – coming together for a good laugh!” CAB’s Kimberlyn Skibbe said. CAB staff members, who are all undergrad students, planned and staffed the events.

According to Skibbe, it was exciting for CUW to be able to invite a high-profile individual like Coulier, who starred for many years as Uncle Joey on the hit sitcom “Full House,” the Netflix reboot of the hit, “Fuller House,” voiced many cartoon characters, and even hosted his own series on Nickelodeon.

In addition to inviting comedians and performing acts, CAB plans other events for CUW students. CAB plans CUW’s Homecoming celebration, hosts trivia challenges, movie nights, and many off-campus day trips.

CAB also invite students to become members of the board, allowing them to plan or contribute ideas for campus events. CAB said they were encouraged by the excellent turnout to the comedy act, and hopes to capitalize on its success to build momentum for the year of events ahead.



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