Fundraising for a Cause

CUW Football Helps Fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With more than 100 players on roster, the CUW Football program is by far the largest team on campus. As a result, their impact and decisions are felt by a large majority of the school’s students and staff. As Head football coach Greg Etter explains “We preach to our guys that we’re the biggest and best program on campus, so we try to do things that reflect that.”

So far in the month of October, the Falcons are doing just that. While October may be largely about carving pumpkins and dressing up in Halloween costumes, it is also a month of ribbons; the symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. Across the country people and organizations such as Crucial Catch, who partner with the NFL, are rallying around raising awareness and funds to help in the fight against breast cancer. The Falcon football team, is one of these groups.

“Obviously it’s a really important cause as some of our players and coaches have been personally affected by it with family members,” said Etter. “But I think the most important thing for our guys is to understand that everything we do is for a reason and every dollar we help to raise is another dollar closer to helping find a cure and helping so many people who are affected by this disease.”

The team has been raising money since the start of the month by selling Breast Cancer Awareness wristbands for $5 each. Last year, the team raised over $1,400 selling wristbands and t-shirts to those in attendance at football games. This year the team has had a slightly different approach.

Rather than sell only to people in attendance at games, players have sold to the people they know in the community in an effort to help build community while helping a great cause. So far the team has raised over $1,000 and will continue to sell the wristbands until the end of the month when all proceeds from the fundraising will be sent to Breast Cancer Awareness.

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