Introducing Photography Club

Concordia University of Wisconsin is now offering a photography club, The Click, as an extracurricular.

“Photography club will consist of a variety of things. The main thing is just to get people who have never taken pictures before or people who are avid photographers, get them both together and open up ideas about photography,” club founder and president Austin Hribar said.

The goal of this club is to help beginning photographers build connections with professional photographers and give them a chance to go to places including Milwaukee rooftops and downtown Chicago for photo opportunities.

Club meetings will involve taking and editing pictures, discussing job and internship opportunities, and inviting guest speakers.

“We’d get some actual photographers and photo journalists out here to speak so we can hear about what they actually do,” Hribar said.

Anyone is allowed to join, even if they do not own a camera. CUW’s art department has extra cameras to loan to students, and funding for more cameras and tripods is underway.

In addition to creating opportunities for more students to become involved in photography, the club can also help students take their skills to the next level.

The Click will positively impact CUW. “This club will benefit CUW by bringing together the creative community, not only to grow in skills, but to expand ideas and make a difference in each other’s careers and in the local community,” Hribrar said.

Posters will be around campus and social media accounts will be created by Hribar to advertise for the club. Anyone interested should contact Austin Hribar.

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