A Day To Reflect

For some students, Wednesday, October 25, 2017 was simply a day off from classes on the campus of Concordia University Wisconsin. But for some students, like senior Max Fischer, the day offered a rare opportunity to participate in the school’s Reformation 500 Symposium.

“I attended the keynote speech by Dr. Benne and the sectional on nursing during the Reformation by Dr. Mobley.” said Fischer “I found the nursing sectional even more interesting because I wasn’t aware of just how impactful the role the Reformation played on the healthcare field.”

In addition to the nursing sectional, the Symposium offered presentations on other subjects such as, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Health Professions, and Pharmacy. Each individual section offered its own take on the events of the Reformation and how it impacted each individual field.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Robert Benne and was titled “On Vocation”.
“Dr. Benne’s keynote really gave us a lot of insight into the different vocations that God calls us to do each and every day.” said Fischer. “It really opened my eyes to the idea that God doesn’t simply call us to live out one singular vocation, but instead take on many roles each and every day in order to best fulfill the plan God has laid out for us.”

The events of October 25 may have been different for each Concordia student, but the opportunities to learn about the impact of the Reformation on multiple industries was a chance that few people will have again.

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