Music Man at CUW

Each year Concordia puts on several plays and will host its highly-anticipated fall play, The Music Man this week.

 The story is about a man who comes to a small Iowa town and swindles people into buying instruments and music lessons from him. He plans to skip town before the townspeople catch on to him but reconsiders when he starts to catch feelings for a local woman.

According to the CUW website, Professor Lori Woodall-Schaufler is producing the popular play written by Meredith Wilson. Milwaukee area actress, Teresa Drews is joining Woodall to direct.

The site said Woodall is extremely impressed with how strong the cast is and that auditioning numbers have tripled since Woodall started 10 years ago.

The cast includes current students from across campus and Concordia alumnus, Colin Murdy will be playing the lead role of Harold Hill. There are students helping with the cast, make-up, and technology who have been hard at work for the last several months in preparation for the performances this week.

“We started on-book for the first couple weeks. But then we gradually began to progress to moving off-book and now these last couple weeks we have been doing full rehearsal with costumes,” Concordia student Collin Stiener said.

According to Stiener, the thing he loves the most about the process is collaboration with others and the musical aspect of the performance.

“I think that it is going to be a really successful show. People will have a fun time if they decide to come. I really appreciate Meredith Wilson’s lyrical and musical writing abilities and I think the audience will too. There is also a lot of quick-witted humor that the audience should enjoy” Stiener said.

Anyone interested in attending one of the showings can call the ticket hotline at 262-243-4444. If no one answers, press “0” to leave a reservation. For more information, please contact the theatre department or reference one of the posters hanging around campus.

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