Locker Room Renovations

The men’s soccer and basketball locker room renovations are now completed at Concordia University of Wisconsin.

The renovations consisted of replacing the flooring with carpet, removing and updating lockers, adding new locker brackets and name tags, installing an air conditioner and updating the lighting.

According to men’s soccer head coach Tom Saleska, he hopes to have showers added to the locker room in the near future.

The locker room renovation has been an ongoing process.

“Every year there is another project to work on to make it nicer for the teams,” men’s basketball coach Shawn Cassidy said.

The last updates to the locker room took place more than six years ago when the metal lockers were replaced with wooden ones.

Cassidy said while he hopes the renovations improve recruiting efforts, it is not the main goal.

“The primary goal of the renovations is to make it a better experience for student athletes and make it a place that they can be proud of, a place they can call their home during the seasons,” Cassidy said.

Saleska agrees that keeping current players satisfied is what matters most. Between the two teams, the locker rooms are used almost year-round.

“We thoroughly enjoy having this place, and so do the players,” Saleska said.

Cassidy also said he is optimistic about finding more ways to make an even better experience for student athletes.

“Hopefully it impacts the pride we have in the school and having the opportunity to wear the Concordia jersey,” he said.

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